Night Climb  Ilha do Pico, Casa da Montanha, Caminho Florestal, 9, Candelária
What will we do

Mountaineering activity, Night Climb to the tallest Mountain of Portugal – Pico Mountain/Volcano, with some technical requirements and high difficulty grade | Activity with an average duration of 10 to 12 hours depending on group pace and weather conditions, crossing an irregular trail between rock and loose stone, about 8km (4 miles) distance and an accumulated altitude difference of 2200mt (7217 feet, way up and down), starting at Casa da Montanha/Mountain House (1200mt/3937ft altitude) to the top of the Pico Mountain - Piquinho (2351mt/7713ft altitude), to see the Sunrise

What is included

Certified Pico Mountain Guide | Access fee to the Pico Mountain Natural Reserve | Transfers to/from Madalena/Casa da Montanha/Mountain House/Madalena upon availability | 1 headlight per participant of the official partner brand Petzl® | 2 walking poles per participant of the partner brand Quechua® | 1 obligatory locator per participant, Casa da Montanha/Mountain House security measures | Personal Accident Insurance Allianz® - Pico Mountain climbing Certificate

Who can participate

Participants with good preparation and physical coordination | Participants will not be able to do the activity if they present the following conditions: Physical restraints, especially in lower limbs such as knee problems or surgeries | Respiratory sensitivity or heart problems | Mental restrictions | Diabetes | Another type of illness that can be limiting in physical and psychic terms to do the activity | Fear of heights or vertigo | Have performed bottle diving in the previous 24 hours | The omission of any condition above described for non-participation of the activity will be charged 100% of the value of the activity


It’s imperative to give us a historical about all the places you visited, in case you travelled in the last 15 days, given the health and safety risks of the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19). Mandatory personal equipment for the good and safe practice of the activity: | Mountain or hiking boots (preferably high-top, ankle protection and good grip) | Technical, warm and waterproof clothing: 1st technical layer, 2nd polar layer, 3rd warm/waterproof/windbreaker jacket layer | Hiking pants (no jeans/bargain and training suit) | 2nd layer of waterproof pants (to be used over the hiking pants) | Cap or hat, gloves, sunglasses, sunscreen, change of clothes for example extra socks | Mountaineering or hiking backpack (minimum 30lt) | Energetic food and minimum 1,5lt of water per participant (recommended 2 bottles of 1,5lt per participant) | The lack of mandatory personal equipment for the good and safe practice of the activity will be charged 100% of the value of the activity | Please note that when booking this climb, you are booking the night before the day you want. If you book day 2, it means you climb the night from 1 to 2.

Where will we be

At the Tripix Azores Office in front of Madalena Passengers Ferry Station or directly at the Casa da Montanha/Mountain House facility | If you have a rental car, we recommend that you go directly to Casa da Montanha/Mountain House to start the activity

Group of

Maximum of 10 participants per Certified Pico Mountain Guide.

Guest requirements

Active participants, preferably with experience in Mountaineering or long-distance hiking with accumulated altitude difference | Children over 12 years old and with the requirements described above, plus parents must be responsible for their behaviour and following the guidance provided by the Guide | Activity with children under 12 years old, with adults over 60 years and without physical, psychological and health constraints, and single group or participants with a faster pace, advised to book in private mode, please contact via email to

Cancel policy

Tripix Azores reserve the right to cancel activities in case the clients show any symptoms of flu, related to the COVID-19 virus. Tripix Azores reserves the right to cancel or change activities without prior notice due to security, meteorological or other force majeure, always in order to ensure the quality of the activity and the safety of the participants. In this case the total amount paid for the service will be refunded or alternatively a new booking/activity will be offered, subject to the Tripix Azores and the client availabilities, and the weather conditions of the respective day | Cancellations made less than 1 week in advance and up to 4 days or due to problems with flight or boat transportation, will be retained the 30% deposit for operating costs | Cancellations in the previous 72 hours will be charged 50% of the value of the activity. For cancellations in the previous 48 hours or No-Show will be charged 100% of the value of the activity

Organized by
Tripix Azores